Job offer  Marketing and Communication Manager fluent French/English

Job : Marketing and Communication Manager.

Type of contract : open-ended contract.

Position : Executive

Offer reference : MKTSHC.

Location : Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

Salary: according to profiles.

Neuilly Sur Seine

Focaliz Marketing is looking for a Marketing and Communication Manager for a company specialized in health, well-being and better living programs.

About the company 

Our client is a company specialized in support programs aimed at changing user behaviors and optimizing health, well-being and better living at 360°.

Combining expertise in health, technology, but also behavioral change and engagement techniques, our client works with insurers, mutual insurance companies, assistance companies, employers, hospitals or local authorities to enable their members / employees / patients / citizens to better manage their health, well-being and better life.

User support programs can cover health, economic environmental or work-related aspects for example. These programs enable users to adapt their behavior in the face of illness, dependency, work, financial aspects or environment-related uses in order to live better and anticipate their future and the associated risks.

The company develops personalized and engaging omni-channel programs, using digital tools, telephone coaching or face-to-face services, to maximize their impact and generate tangible results. The aim at providing to users of their programs a healthiest, happiest and most productive life.

The company collabore with local authorities to support the adoption of a real territorial approach to engage citizens in their community around healthy lifestyles, to impact both individual behavior and the living environment, and to provide steering tools for decision-makers.

In order to increase its development in the European area and particularly in the French and German markets, the company is currently looking for a Marketing & Communication Manager fluent in French and English.

Responsibilities of the Marketing and Communication Manager 

Design and implement marketing and communication actions for the European zone (first France and Germany then UK and Spain) in order to guarantee the visibility of the brand to customers (BtoB) and users (BtoC).

Designing, implementing and operating the engagement strategy (Marketing Engagement & Communication) for the multi-channel support programs offered to customers in order to provide the best user experience.

The challenges of the marketing communication manager

The Marketing & Communication Manager will manage :

The design and implementation of marketing and communication actions for the European zone in order to guarantee the visibility of the brand to customers (B2B) and users (B2B2C) in the targeted markets.

  • Design of the product offer with the different actors.
  • Pre-sales support.
  • Communication on social networks.
  • Participation/intervention in conferences and trade shows.

Design, implementation and operations related to engagement strategies for support programs taking into account all aspects.

  • Identification of partners: health (doctors, specialists…), social, environment, … in collaboration with the different internal actors of the company.
  • Setting up partnerships, sponsorships (communities, employers, etc.).
  • Identification of targets, segmentation and creation of personas -> targeted campaigns.
  • Design and production of target-relevant content to create engagement and retention.
  • Analysis and understanding of user journey.
  • Management of communication & digital campaigns to promote the programs.
  • Popularization of messages in order to adapt the discourse to the BtoC target.
  • Management and piloting of communication on social networks.
  • Organization of events.
  • Supervision and piloting of projects with the various stakeholders.
  • Management of internal and external resources.
  • Cost and budget management.
  • Monitoring of KPIs, performance analysis, reporting.
  • Monitoring of news on the targeted markets.
  • Transversal management with a view to project management.

This position requires regular exchanges with the marketing team of the company head office based in the USA.

As a true leader, the Marketing & Communication Manager will have to know how to formalize expectations and needs, evaluate costs, coordinate and target actions.

Required skills

  • At least 5 years of experience as a marketing/com manager in the health, digital, local authorities sectors
  • B2C marketing background essential and B2B marketing highly desirable
  • Experience in project management of marketing/com projects
  • High ability in digital techniques, inbound marketing, content marketing
  • Excellent knowledge of social media and the specificities of social networks
  • Knowledge in BDD segmentation techniques and creation of personas
  • Ability to provide reporting and analyze KPIs
  • Fluent French and English or bilingual, preferably speaking German, ideally Spanish


  • Excellent marketing culture
  • Expert in brand content
  • Good understanding of issues related to engagement programs 
  • Expressive and writing skills
  • Adaptability, autonomy
  • Creative and proactive
  • End user/customer experience oriented
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Dynamic, curious
  • Organized, rigorous
  • Team spirit
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Master’s degree in marketing, communication, digital marketing
  • Marketing background in a technical or digital field
  • Health services, well-being sectors oriented would be a plus

What the company offers 

  • Start-up spirit with the support of an American group, leader on his market…
  • Taking responsibility and strong autonomy
  • Position at the heart of management decision making
  • Challenging missions in the field of better living
  • Fixed + variable salary (5 to 15% of fixed salary) based on qualitative and quantitative objectives
  • Pleasant and secure office, well-located at the West of Paris.
  • Luncheon vouchers and company mutual insurance
  • In-line works council